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생산 활동에 가용 에너지 이용

SWEP의 브레이징 판형열교환기로 실현된 ORC(Organic Rankine Cycle) 기술은 스웨덴에서 폐기물에서 발생하는 열을 재생 전기로 전환하는 데 사용되고 있습니다. 이 같이 효율은 높고 유지보수는 적은 지속가능한 전기 생산 방식은 전세계 지역난방시스템에서 적용되고 있습니다.

폐기물을 에너지로 - SWEP, Lyngby Kraftvarmeværk A/S에서 51MW의 열 전달

Vestforbraending은 북유럽 최대의 폐기물 관리 업체 중 한 곳입니다. 이 회사는 폐기물을 에너지로 전환하는 열병합발전소를 소유 및 운영하고 있으며 연간 600,000톤의 폐기물을 수용할 수 있습니다. 생산되는 모든 열은 코펜하겐의 지역난방시스템과 연계된 발전소에서 이용되고 있습니다.

Understanding BPHE efficiency in your systems

SWEP is the world's largest producer of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs). This heat exchanger technology is a great option in terms of efficiency and form factor in multiple applications.  This case highlights how to choose the proper heat exchanger and how that choice directly impacts the performance of the system. 

Bringing hospital cooling into the future with BPHE upgrade

Every technology is designed for a wide range of applications and has its own pros and cons, but sometimes there are many advantages to choosing one technology over another. Heat exchangers have different technologies and can be used in many application processes. However, with the correct technology, it is possible to optimize and increase the efficiency of the application. 

All-Stainless BPHEs: A robust solution to upgrade biogas as fuel to PowerGen

Luming Inteligência Energética had an application where the main objective of the system was to generate electricity reusing the energy contained in the biogas. They needed a compact, non-corrosive solution and SWEP BPHEs were able to deliver.

Airflux- significant cost savings and lowered CO2 emissions through efficient heat-recovery solutions

Airflux, based in Lille, France, is one of the leading providers of air compressors for the French market.

Optimizing freeze drying solutions for the Pharma Industry

For more than half a century, IMA Life Freeze Drying Solutions has been the gold standard when it comes to providing the benchmark for freeze drying solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited gains efficient and stable power for vessel transportation

China is the most populous coastal country in the world. Vessels are necessary technical equipment for the operation of the marine industry. The reliability of vessel’s power unit has attracted intensive attention from the whole industry chain.

How Volvo Car Gent is driving sustainability

SWEP's compact and high capacity brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) have allowed Volvo Car Gent to substantially reduce its use of fossil fuels for heating purposes. CO2 emissions have been decreased by 15,000 tons per year, a net decrease of more than 40 percent.

UMASS Albert Sherman 센터

매사추세츠대학교 의과대학이 2013년 초, 매사추세츠주 중부 우스터 캠퍼스에서 4억 달러가 투입된 최첨단 Albert Sherman Center를 공개했을 때, “새로운 바이오메디컬 연구, 의학 교육, 캠퍼스 협업의 시대로 진입”하는 발판을 마련했다는 평가를 받았습니다. 또한 이 협업은 지역의 덥고 습한 여름 동안 11층, 512,000평방피트 규모의 건물의 냉방을 어떻게 해결할 것인지에서도 중요한 역할을 하게 됩니다.

SWEP’s largest BPHE range provides efficient, compact oil cooling solution

One of SWEP’s largest BPHEs provided a compact, effective solution that helped Woerner create the ideal oil cooling solution needed for their skid system.  Even though our XL range is some of the largest BPHEs we produce, we were still able to provide a much more efficient solution in a smaller package compared to the competing, older technologies like Shell & Tube.

몬트필리어에서 에너지 관리력 강화

버몬트 주 수도의 지역 에너지 시스템은 SWEP BPHE의 도움으로 대성공을 거뒀습니다.