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All-Stainless BPHEs: A robust solution to upgrade biogas as fuel to PowerGen

Luming Inteligência Energética had an application where the main objective of the system was to generate electricity reusing the energy contained in the biogas. They needed a compact, non-corrosive solution and SWEP BPHEs were able to deliver.

Optimizing freeze drying solutions for the Pharma Industry

For more than half a century, IMA Life Freeze Drying Solutions has been the gold standard when it comes to providing the benchmark for freeze drying solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

SWEP’s largest BPHE range provides efficient, compact oil cooling solution

One of SWEP’s largest BPHEs provided a compact, effective solution that helped Woerner create the ideal oil cooling solution needed for their skid system.  Even though our XL range is some of the largest BPHEs we produce, we were still able to provide a much more efficient solution in a smaller package compared to the competing, older technologies like Shell & Tube.

At the forefront of innovative solutions

A major provider of thermoplastic, thermosetting and elastomer injection molding machines, Negri Bossi India Pvt Ltd knows what is important: reliable performance and efficient use of energy. Ensuring that customers enjoy a major competitive advantage while remaining environment-friendly, their machines represent the industry benchmark for low energy consumption.

ADWIS를 통해 Aircel 에어드라이어의 완전한 잠재력 실현

2015년 초 100,000대의 장비를 판매한 SWEP의 ADWIS(Air Dryer With Integrated Separator) 라인은 이제 여러 산업 분야에서 빠르게 시장 표준으로 자리매김하고 있습니다. 꾸준한 연구와 시장 수요에 대한 철저한 지식의 조합으로 이 솔루션은
컴팩트한 크기나 효율을 저해하지 않으면서 일반적인 문제들을 해결합니다.

Outokumpu cools machine shop using natural elements

Outokumpu – a world-leading company in custom-made products in coarse, special stainless steel (quarto) – has invested heavily in its rolling mill in Degerfors, Sweden. Cooling the machine shop to enable it to provide the best service to the rolling mill is of crucial importance.

페트병을 만드는 BPHE

청량 음료 산업은 폴리에틸렌 테레 프탈레이트(PET) 병을 개발하는 주요 원동력이었습니다.

BPHE가 만든 초콜릿

전 세계에 걸쳐 많은 가능성과 장점을 가진 공압 운송에 다양한 관심이 집중되었습니다. 

BAOSI & SWEP: Working together to support the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 took the entire world by surprise. The devastating effects were felt in every major city and it turned the healthcare industry on its head. One of the most needed items in hospitals on the frontlines was personal protective equipment (PPE), including surgical masks. The melt-blown fabric used for medical surgical masks is created by blowing hot compressed purified air which is heated using BPHEs. 

Heat waste recovery yielding higher production volume and cooling capacity

Calefa Oy is a Finnish based solution provider for industrial waste heat recovery with a mission to improve industrial processes by utilizing waste heat offering energy and cost saving solutions for customers, for example through heat recovery with industrial heat pumps.

Creating a multi-functional, process cooling system

Green Resource Engineering (GRE) wanted to create two new process cooling systems that can operate at higher temperatures and a smaller version that could also operate in reverse as a heat pump.

REFRISAT and SWEP: Improving efficiency in aeronautical machining

SWEP BPHEs (Brazed plate heat exchangers) have helped to enhance efficiency to REFRISAT chillers in several applications, including machines in the hospital, metal-mechanical, injection, extrusion, blowing industries, and now, the airplane manufacturing market.