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Sealix® continues to receive international approvals and certifications

Sealix® continues to stand out as the next generation of brazed plate heat exchangers with surface protection for improved durability

When SWEP introduced Sealix® in 2018 using SiO₂-based thin-film technology to increase corrosion and scaling resistance in tap water systems with harsh water quality, this was a revolutionary new approach for improved durability and reduced maintenance costs.

Since its introduction, Sealix has proven itself to cover many different water systems all over the world and several international tap water compliance certifications and approvals continue to validify Sealix’s strength and usability. WRAS (UK) SEALIX approval was obtained in April 2020 on specific WRAS approved Tap water models, followed by NSF-61 approval, which was obtained for SXB16DW and SXB35TDW in June of 2021. SVGW (Swiss) tap water approval was given for all Sealix products in November 2021 and latest, AoC (Attestation of conformity) from KIWA and UBA for drinking water application was obtained in December 2021.

SWEP Sealix continues to grow to other applications where the protective surface layer provides benefits. One such application is for engines and oil systems. Initial test results indicate that Sealix significantly decreases copper leaching in these systems.

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